Saturday, September 29, 2007

Snowed in With Grandmother Silk by Carol Fenner

Snowed in With Grandmother Silk by Carol Fenner
BOOK DISCUSSION for GRADES 2/3 October 2007

Snack ideas: cheesecake, grilled cheese, hot cocoa


  1. General like/dislike of book
  2. Describe Grandmother Silk. What was she like?
  3. Describe Ruddy. What was he like?
  4. Ruddy couldn’t wait to dress up as a gorilla—what would you like to dress up as?
  5. In the book, what was the best part about being snowed in?
  6. Have you ever lost electricity in your house? What did you do?
  7. Would you want to spend a week with Grandmother Silk? Why? Why not?
  8. Do you think Grandmother Silk changed? Has Ruddy changed?
  9. Ruddy especially liked the trips he and his grandmother took to the zoo. Tell us what you like/liked to do with your grandmother (parents, too!)

GAME: Who would like it? (Grandmother Silk or Ruddy or both)

Classical Music

Petting Zoo



Taco Bell

Movie Theatres



Football Games




Spa Day

Computer Games


Formal Dinner

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