Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ruby Lu, Brave and True by Lenore Look

Ruby Lu, Brave and True by Lenore Look
Grades 2-3
February 2008

Snack Ideas: Chinese Candy, shrimp puffs/crisps


1. Ruby's little brother spoils her magic tricks. Have you ever had a sibling or friend spoil something for you? Ruby eventually has her brother help. What did you do to solve your problem?

2. Mama has to wake up early to talk to her sister in China. Discuss time zones.
"Somewhere in the World Right Now" by Stacey Schuett
"Nine O'Clock Lullaby" by Marilyn Singer

3. Ruby doesn't want to go to Chinese School at first. Why? Did you ever have to take a class or try something you didn't think you would like? Did you change your mind?

4. Ruby meets another girl named Ruby at her school. Do you know anyone else with your name? Are you alike?

5. Why do you think the title of this book is Ruby Lu Brave and True? Can you think of any other good titles for this book?

6. What was Ruby's Dad good at? What is your dad good at?

7. Did Christina deserve to get sick? How did being sick change her?

8. Ruby gets in BIG trouble for driving the car to school. Why was it a bad idea for Ruby to drive to school? What have you been in trouble for doing?

9. Ruby's cousin is going to come and live with them. HAve you ever had to live with relatives or had relatives live with you. What would be good about having relatives live with you. What would be bad?

10. Ruby's slogan is "Ruby Lu Brave and True." Flying Duck's is "Flying Duck, Never out of Luck"
Take a minute and see if you can make a rhyming slogan. You can add an adjective to your name if your last name or nickname doesn't rhyme with anything.

Example: "Librarian Kate thinks books are Great!"

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