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Cockroach Cooties by Laurence Yep

Cockroach Cooties by Laurence Yep
Club 45 Book Discussion

Grades 4-5
June 2008

Snack ideas: chocolate chip cookies, Keebler "Bug" shape cookies, gummy bugs, bug juice or sparkling cider.

1. General likes/dislikes and favorite parts of the book.

2. The boys go to several souvenier stores in Chinatown. What sorts of things have you bought to remember your trips? (Perhaps share facts about San Francisco and Chinatown at this point). What gift did the boys finally settle on and what happened?

3. If you had/have a little brother or sister and someone was picking on them, what would you do? What are some of the ways Teddy avoids fights with Arnie?

4. What words would you use to describe cockroaches? Why do most people hate them? (Share cockroach facts).

5. Bobby takes Teddy to the Bug Lady's house. Why is she called the Bug Lady?

6. Who/What is Madeline? Tarantulas are arachnids and not insects. What is the difference between the two? What is your favorite kind of bug and why?

7. What happens at the Chinese Restaurant? What would you have done if you arrived at your favorite restaurant and found the roof leaking?

8. What plan does Teddy come up with to trick Arnie? What is your favorite lunch at school?

9. What does Arnie have in common with Teddy and Bobby? (introduce Godzilla books)

10. Bobby stressing the importance of seeing life through other people's (or bug's) lives. How do cockroaches view us? How does Arnie view other kids?

11. Arnie ends up sharing lunch with the boys-- but doesn't want to lose his reputation. Why would he want to remain known as a bully?

12. What do you think will happen after the story?
Will Teddy make visits to the Bug Lady's house?
Will the boys return to the Chinese Restaurant?
Will Arnie be friends with the boys?

Other books to bring to the discussion:

Insectigations by Cindy Blobaum-- has 40 bug activitites

Buzz by Caroline Bingham (DK) --lots of good critter facts

What's That Bug by Nan Froman

The Bug Scientists by Donna M Jackson

Cities of the World: San Francisco by Deborah Kent

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