Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ivy + Bean by Annie Barrows

Ivy + Bean by Annie Barrows
Parent-Child Book Discussion

Grades 2-3

April 2009

snack: gummy worms, jellyBEANs, magic potions (sodas, ice cream, sherbet, syrups) possible activity: face painting

1. Why didn't Bean want to be friends with Ivy at the beginning of the book? What would you do if your parents tried to make you be friends with someone?

2. Bean doesn't like shopping, but her sister does. Do you like shopping or would you rather just wear hand-me-downs or have your parents bring something home? What kind of store do you think Bean would enjoy shopping at? What is your favorite store?

3. Ivy likes to play by herself. Do you like to play by yourself, play with a small group of kids, or get together with a whole neighborhood of kids?

4. When Bean was hiding in the bushes, how do you think Nancy and Ivy figured out there wasn't really a ghost?

5. Tell me about Ivy's room. What was it like? What did she collect? What is special about your bedroom? Do you collect anything?

6. What was the messy dog's name in the story? (Fester) Why is that a funny name? What are some other names the author could have chosen?
(definition of fester: to putrify or rot.)

7. Do you have any neighbors like Mrs. Trantz? How did Ivy and Bean manage to get through her yard without having their parents called? (Ivy pretended to be sick and need to vomit). Do you think this was a good idea? What would you have done?

8. Bean and Nancy fight a lot. Do you think this is normal? Why/why not? Why did you think Nancy was crying? What was the real reason? (couldn't get ears pierced)

9. Did the "spell" work the way you expected? What other spells do you think Ivy and Bean might try in the future?

10. What punishment does Bean get for throwing worms and taking money from her sister? Do you think Bean's parents were really mad at her? Have your parents ever punished you for something that they weren't really upset about? How did you know?

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Anonymous said...

love these- we are having a beginners book club and using this book.