Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzman

Parent-Child Book Discussion

Toad Rage by Morris Gleitzman

Grades 4-5

March 2008

Snack ideas: pavlova (merange with fruit and whipped cream), Vegemite on bread

1. How are Limpy and Goliath alike and different?

2. Why do you think the girl athlete likes Limpy?

3. Does your school have a mascot? Why do you think it was chosen?

4. What do you think would have happened if Limpy had made it to the sponsor table? How might he have communicated with them? How do other animals communicate with humans (cats and dogs, example)

5. Discuss "Alien" introduced species in the Unites States.

6. When is the next summer Olympics? What is your favorite Olympic sport? What sport do you think Cane Toads could try at an animal olympics?

7. Why were toads and slugs boycotted from the non-human games? Why was this fair or unfair?

8. Why do humans hate cane toads? What do you think would change humans' minds about them?

9. The back of the book has some definitions for Australian slang... see if you can guess what the following terms mean:

Brekkie-- The girl woke up, took a shower, got dressed and grabbed some brekkie on the way out the door.

Petrol-- After 500 miles the car had to pull off at the Petrol.

Sheila-- The sheila in the story was a really good jumper.

Togs--Put on your togs and get in the pool.

Rellies-- Limpy had lots of flat rellies.

Mozzie-- The mozzie couldn't wait to eat at the Opening Games ceremony.

Cheesed Off-- The waiters were cheesed off to find cane toads in the dining room.

Bush-- Frogs live in the city and the bush.

To Nick/undies-- Limpy nicked a pair of undies pretending to be a butterfly.

Ta-- "Ta." "You're welcome."

More slang: Aussieslang.com
Helpful websites:

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