Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger

Parent-Child Book Discussion
Grades 4-6

snack:  Cheetos!!

Discussion Questions:

1.  Thumbs Up/Down and general thoughts about the book.

2.  What kind of person is Dwight?  How do people's opinions of him change during the book?

3.  Name some of the different ways Origami Yoda helps people (water pants, baseball crying, shakespeare head, bad movie, cheetos)

4.  In the lunchroom, Tommy and his friends don't know what to do when Lance sits in Dwight's spot.  What happened? (the boys decide they'd rather have Lance even though they know it will hurt Dwight's feelings).  What could they have done instead that would have been respectful to Dwight?

5.  On page 42 there are 10 Weird things that Dwight has done.  Which things do you think was the weirdest?  What's the strangest thing you've ever done?  Why did you do it?

6.  Cassie breaks her teacher's Shakespeare Head.  Have you ever broken or damaged something of someone else's?  What did you do to fix it?

7. Spelling Bee-- Mulct. Do you remember what the definition is? (to swindle/trick)
sarlack (actually spelled sarlacc-- and it's the giant pit-eating animal in the illustration)

8.  What is Quavondo's other name? (Cheeto Hog).  What mistake did Quavondo make? (put money in a vending machine during a field trip) What could he have done with the Cheetos that would have been more fair to his classmates?  What does he end up doing to clear his name, and was it worth it?

9.  What did Dwight wear to school one day that caused everyone to notice (sweater vest).  Is it polite to tell someone about their clothing?  When is it okay?  Ex:  TP stuck to your shoe, tag sticking up, fly is down, etc, button missing, etc.

10. Origami Yoda predicts that there will be a pop quiz.  The kids can't decide if it's cheating or not.  What do you think? What would have been cheating?

11. Dwight says nobody is nice to him except when they want to talk to Origami Yoda.  Is this true? Why or Why not?

12.  What kind of person is Harvey?  How does your opinion of him change as you read the book?


14.  Turn these sentences into Yoda-speak:
 --You must read the book to find out. (To find out,read book you must.)
--Learn to speak Jedi.  (Jedi you must you speak.)
--Clean your room. (Room you must clean)
-- Ask for a new bike. (For a new bike you must ask)
--Go to bed early. (Early to bed you must go)

15.  How did the illustrations add to the story?  Which was your favorite?

16.  Why do you think the author uses words like "stupid" and "butt" and "loser"? (Harvey uses a lot of these words, demonstrating that he is not very nice.  Other kids use it because they think it makes them look cool.)

17.  Throughout history people have tried to predict the future.  What other ways have people tried? (Horoscopes, magic 8 ball, needle spinning clockwise or counterclockwise, tea leaves, etc)

Fold Orgiami Yoda

Make a Shakespeare Head with clay-- red and blue clay!

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